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james mcavoy holding a frozen chicken is everything i need 

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by Ray Rhodes


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Postmodern Jukebox: “Stay With Me” as a 40s jazz balald

I accept who I am. And who are you? I’m the bad guy.

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take me to expensive restaurants so I can take selfies in their beautiful bathrooms

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Lost + Popular Text Posts (5/?)

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true as fuck zodiac

aries: lovable but still a lil bitch
taurus: p cute but probably sacrifices hamsters to satan in their free time
gemini: crayola as fuck
cancer: rude as hell and not to be trusted with shit
leo: cutest ever
virgo: really deep and doesn't take any shit
libra: weird as hell omg
scorpio: probably satan
sagittarius: cute and very sweet
capricorn: to be avoided bc they're like taurus but they probs talk about their hamster sacrifices
aquarius: charming but hella strange once you know them
pisces: even more crayola than gemini

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"I’m an adult, I should be buying my own pot."

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